Remember the good old days when you looked forward to your flight as the exciting start of a vacation; no security clearance, no arriving 2 hours prior to flight, no restrictions on personal items packed in luggage or hand carried, friendly, enthusiastic flight attendants (aka stewardess), very good meal service in coach and excellent in first class. LUXEX is bringing back the good old days.

The annual club membership fee includes 25 flight hours per year for couples as well as 25 flight hours for single club members and any guest accompanied by Club Member that is over 21. Members that hold membership as a couple can have one member travel with a family member or guest over 21 .

For Member Couples, their annual membership fee provides “50 Flight Seat Hours” per year. For example , the Members could elect to use 40 “flight seat hours “ traveling together and each member would then have 5”flight seat hours “ to participate in a Women or Men only club event such as trip to remote fishing camp, golf event or travel to art exhibit , fashion week ,etc.


Medaire Medical Support

When traveling , whether in flight on a CLUB JET or on the ground anywhere in the world, Luxex Club Members will have access to quality medical support, from MedAire, an International SOS company - 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


Maximum range 3600 nm
Cruise speed 510 mph
Luggage Capacity 115 cubic ft


Maximum range 4,350 nm
Cruise speed 530 mph
Luggage Capacity 157 cubic ft

The World Is Yours To Explore