African Safari Experiences

Customized Safaris and Expert Guides

Africa, the Dark Continent, the origin of mankind, evokes strong emotions and mental images of vast landscapes and magnificent animals in their native surroundings.

LUXEX CLUB works with the worlds best Safari companies that have deep knowledge of their areas, and have highly experienced team members that are passionate about the animals and people

LUXEX CLUB will create Safari experiences that are more authentic and more adventuresome with luxurious accommodations by selecting upscale, less crowded private reserves.

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Africa provides a vast area of experiences ranging from the mountain gorillas of Uganda to the stark beauty of Namibia, the awesome sight and sounds of Victoria Falls, the Great Migration, various areas to see the Big Five largest and most magnificent animals and breathtaking scenery.

Typical Safaris will be 10-14 days’ duration and will include exploration of multiple areas to provide exposure to The Best of Africa utilizing charter flights to quickly reach remote destinations.