About US

The Luxex Club


LUXEX is a Members only, Luxury Travel Club that was founded based upon our unique experiences traveling to all corners of the globe on The World.

We have travelled to all seven continents , over 150 countries , countless remote islands and participated in expeditions and overland trips to many places that most can only dream about . Fellow travelers soon become friends and planned overland adventures together to such iconic locations as; Galapagos, Komodo National Park, Amazon Jungle, Machu Picchu, Mongolia and many other unique experiences

LUXEX was created to provide a range of experiences in all shapes and sizes to provide opportunity for Club Members to select the destinations they would like to enjoy --- without having to compromise. We also wanted to provide ULTRA LUXE travel opportunities for couples that were still active in their careers and are only able to travel 2-3 times per year as well as Members that are able to go on longer trips to more remote destinations. A unique benefit of Membership In LUXEX is the use of leased and chartered jets to fly Club Members from the nearest major city to and from the destinations for the Club Adventures and Events they elect to participate in.

LUXEX CLUB Jets can fly from any city in USA and Canada to any location in the Caribbean, Central and South America , as well as Iceland, Ireland, UK , Europe and other Club Destinations

The Club’s private jets will provide enhanced security and eliminate the time and multiple frustrations of commercial air travel as well as provide non-stop access to Destinations not served commercially.  We look forward to having you join us to share unique experiences and extend our community of friends.

Expeditions to remote areas of the world

Expeditions provide a unique opportunity for Club Members to develop deep bonds as they explore the last remaining untamed wilderness areas, in the most remote locations of the world.

Beach landings, cruising in Zodiacs and quietly exploring by Kayak, to marvel at the overpowering scenery and abundant wildlife provide shared experiences that will create strong lasting bonds among Club Members. The scope of expedition opportunities that Luxex Club will provide for Members cannot be adequately described in this brief in-troduction.

For a comprehensive, factual profile of the expedition destinations, listed below, we suggest that you go to wikipedia.com and enter the destinations of most interest to you. Wikipedia is a scholarly source of unbiased factual information including maps, pictures and description of the local people, wildlife and much more.

The following destinations will be the unique parts of the world that Luxex Club will focus on to plan and organize once in a lifetime expedition options for Club Members to experience.

* Svalbard, Norway * Russian Arctic * Northwest Passage * Vanuatu archipelago * Marquesas
* Antarctica * South Georgia Island * Sea of Okhotsk * Solomon Islands * Amazon Jungle Cruises * Galápagos Islands * Kimberly Region of Western Australia * Highlands of Papua New Guinea * Eastern and Western Greenland * Iceland * Borneo * Madagascar * Great Barrier Reef

* Exclusive Luxury travel